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Landlord (Residential)

While owning rental property can be a lucrative investment, being a landlord can be complicated. Having an attorney to help with your initial lease, advise you as to what you can and cannot do, and to assist with regaining possession and collecting unpaid rent and damages, can often be the difference between quick resolution of problems versus long drawn-out  and expensive litigation.  We offer flat fees for most eviction actions and provide reduced rates for repeat clients.  To schedule an appointment to speak with an attorney, click here.  To learn more about our flat fee rates, read below.

Virginia Eviction Procedure and Fees

Step 1: Demand letter.

  • To start, we send a notice letter mailed certified to the tenant, stating amounts owed, the breach, details of default and the potential repercussions. Cost: $200*

Step 2: 5 Day Notice to Pay or Quit.

  • This is a statutorily provided for document that must be sent to a tenant prior to filing the lawsuit for eviction (the Unlawful Detainer). It is served by the county sheriff. This is a prerequisite step before we can assist you in evicting your tenant. Cost: $250*

Step 3: Filing the Unlawful Detainer Action.

  • This is the actual lawsuit for eviction. We also have it served by the Sheriff. This will set the first return day, where we will appear and either set a date for trial (see Step 3A) or take a default judgment, with immediate possession of the property and judgment. We will then file a Writ of Possession which allows the Sheriff to conduct the eviction. Cost: $500*

Step 3A: The contested return day.

  • If the tenant contests the eviction and we prepare a bill of particulars, prepare for and appear at trial. Cost $750*

*All fees listed are standard fees only.  For cases with complex fact patterns and/or commercial leases, please Contact Us or call (914) 483-7769 for pricing.