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Tenant (Residential)

Landlord and Tenant issues can be some of the most complicated areas of the law.   Our firm represents Tenants in most courts in the Northern Virginia area and can help ensure that your rights under Virginia law are protected.  To schedule an appointment with an attorney, click here.  To learn more about residential tenant law, read below.

In general, any Landlord owning four (4) or more rental units falls under the Virginia Landlord Tenant Act , Va. Code Ann. 55-248, and thus incurs certain obligations to tenants. Moreover, Tenants renting from such a Landlord are owed certain duties. This area is wherein most litigable issues arise. However, other litigable issues arise having to do with debt collection, property damage, criminal matters, etc.

Under Virginia Law, residential tenants have a number rights upon moving in, while renting, and prior to eviction. The particular rights a tenant has depends on whether a tenant is covered by the Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (VRLTA).  You are subject to the VRLTA if you reside in an apartment building or in any type of multifamily housing, i.e. you share heating, hot water, entry and exit, or some other service with another unit in the same building.  You may also be subject to the VRLTA if you reside in a single family house and your landlord rents out more than ten single-family homes in a county or more than four single-family homes in a city.  However, even if you are not covered by the VRLTA, there are likely other laws that give you certain rights and protections.  To discuss your options with a landlord/tenant attorney, contact us now.