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Before beginning your EB-1(c) process, which is reserved for executives and managers of multi-national corporations, your attorney at the Callan Law Firm, P.C. will evaluate your credentials to make sure you are eligible for this category.  Many foreign nationals who come to the U.S. with an L-1 visa, which is also reserved for executives and managers of multi-national corporations, think they automatically qualify for the EB-1(c) green card category. While this is often true securing an L-1 visa does not guarantee you can secure an EB-1(c) green card.

Because of these complexities that arise in immigration law, our office is proud to offer our clients a full-service, comprehensive, and all-encompassing immigration strategy.  For example, for some applications it is better to petition for a green card under multiple categories, such as Labor Certification.

After you retain us to process your EB-1(c) case, our office will walk you and your employer through the entire process, provide up-to-date status reports on your case from beginning to end, and work with you to create and collect the necessary documents for the EB-1(c) petition.  We will also strongly advocate on your behalf to USCIS to maximize your chances of receiving an approval.

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