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The H-1B nonimmigrant (temporary) work visa is one of the most popular visas available for foreign nationals who wish to work in the United States.  In order to qualify for the H-1B visa, the job position that the worker will perform in the U.S. must qualify as a “specialty occupation” and the worker him/herself must qualify for the job position.

Specialty occupation means the job position requires a U.S. bachelor’s degree or the foreign equivalent.  Therefore, the worker must possess either a U.S. bachelor’s degree, a foreign four-year degree, or a combination of work experience, education, or training that would be the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor’s degree.

In order to assist foreign workers and their U.S. employers with the H-1B sponsorship process, our experienced attorneys at The Callan Law Firm, P.C. will first evaluate the company and the foreign worker for H-1B eligibility.  These evaluations are available via phone, fax, email, or Skype for your convenience.   If the company and the worker qualify for the H-1B, our office will process the H-1B application on behalf of the company, providing updates and additional case information during every step in the process.

Our H-1B services include obtaining the correct prevailing wage determination for the job position, filing the Labor Condition Application (LCA) with the U.S. Department of Labor, preparing and filing the H-1B application (and if necessary, the H-4 application if the worker has a spouse and/or children), and assisting the H-1B worker with receiving the H-1B visa if the worker is currently outside of the United States.

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