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The L-1 nonimmigrant (temporary) work visa is reserved for foreign employees of multinational companies.  There are two types of L-1 visas:  The L-1A visa is for workers who will be coming to the U.S. to work in a managerial/executive position (these managers/executives can also be coming to the U.S. to open a new branch, subsidiary, or affiliate office of the multinational company).  The L-1B visa is for workers who will be performing job duties in the U.S. that require specialized knowledge.  

In order to qualify for the L-1 visa, the foreign company and the U.S. company must have a qualifying relationship (i.e. there must be an existing parent/subsidiary, branch, or affiliate relationship between the two companies) and the worker must have been employed with the foreign company for at least one calendar year before applying for the L-1 visa.  Additionally, the foreign company must be able to show that the worker has been employed in a managerial/executive position for one year (for the L-1A) or that the worker has been utilizing his/her specialized knowledge in the course of working for the company for one year (for the L-1B).

At the Callan Law Firm, P.C., our experienced attorneys will assist U.S. and foreign companies and their L-1 workers with the entire process of obtaining an L-1 visa.  We will prepare the necessary forms and draft all of the supporting documentation that must be sent to USCIS, and we will provide updates and additional case status information to the company and the worker every step of the way.  Once USCIS approves the L-1 petition, our attorneys will also help the foreign worker obtain the L-1 visa from a U.S. consulate if the worker is currently outside of the United States. We are also happy to process L-2 visa applications if the L-1 worker has a spouse and/or children.

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