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The Atlas Project

The Atlas (Algorithmic Task-oriented Legal Analysis Software) Project is a research and design initiative which aims to create and implement computer software systems that lower the cost of legal services and makes legal knowledge easily available and accessible to the people who need it.   Although the law can often be a complicated and nuanced body of knowledge, there are many areas of the law that have relatively simple rules which, once known, can be easily followed, even by the untrained mind.  The problem is that although many rules are relatively simple, there are simply too many rules for any person untrained in the law to know whether they have addressed all questions or contingencies, and whether a matter is simple enough to not retain an attorney.  People should not be left without a cost effective and affordable way to make informed and educated decisions concerning their legal choices.

The Atlas Project aims to remedy this societal shortfall by offering software which provides varying levels of automated consultation on various areas of the law, including bankruptcy, estate planning and landlord/tenant law.  The software will use easy to follow question and answer systems based on Virginia law to guide individuals through the standard maze of legal red tape.

The Atlas Project is still in its initial stages, but a test bankruptcy version is planned to launch June 30, 2015.  The Atlas Project will be a proprietary product, but the Project is guaranteed to lower the overall cost of legal care, providing better and increased access to the law for all persons.  Donations to fund further research are being accepted.